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What are Material Handling Companies?

What are Material Handling Companies? published on No Comments on What are Material Handling Companies?

Material handling refers to the handling, storage and movement of products, goods and materials in a warehouse or manufacturing plant. Disposal, consumption and distribution of goods and packaging also fall under the material handling umbrella.

Material handling companies are those that provide the solutions, equipment and technology needed in order for enterprises to produce, move, ship, distribute and dispose of goods in an efficient, economical and Eco-friendly manner.

There are many different types of material handling devices. Choosing the devices and systems that are right for your company will depend on the type of enterprise you have, the types of products and goods you manufacture, and how much is produced on a daily basis. The size of your storage space will need to be factored in as well.

Material Handling Equipment

Storage and Handling: These may not be the most technologically advanced equipment, but they are still widely used in almost every industry. Shelving, pallets and storage are necessary for many reasons, including maintaining safety standards. There are many types of storage systems, from automated to simple tiered shelving.

Industrial TrucksForklifts are the most common truck under this category. Other vehicles in this category include tow tractors and stock chasers. They are normally operator-driven and run on propane, gas or electricity.

ConveyorsThese can be found in a variety of industries, from airports to factories and everything in between. They have been used for decades to move products swiftly and efficiently.

Crane loading platforms: These are typically used during construction or renovation projects. They are temporary platforms that are anchored directly to multi-storied structures or buildings, and allows cranes to directly load or unload equipment and materials. There are a variety of designs including demount-able and fully fabricated.

Material handling companies can help provide solutions and streamline processes for added efficiency, reduced costs and greater production. Today, technology plays a large role in almost every industry, and material handling is no exception.

Benefits of Automation

There are three main benefits of automating a distribution center:

1)Reduced operating costs: This is done mainly from a reduced headcount. Instead of having to hire 50 employees, automation can cut that number by almost half, depending on the extent of the automation system that is put in place.

2)Reduction in Facility Footprint:This is due to greater density and height, less square footage is needed, giving way to reduced waste.

3)Improved Business Process:Streamlining processes means getting production out faster and more efficiently.

If you are just in the planning stage of choosing a material handling company for your needs, start slow. Consider your overall budget and prioritize your needs. Switching to automated systems all at once can be counter-productive and cause production to stall. Ensure that you include a budget for training as well. Many companies can include this in their overall price if you ask and can provide on-site training as needed. The best systems are ones that get products and raw materials to the end customer as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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